Trim and Interior Repairs

We are now offering an interior trim repair service for most of the trim in Range Rovers but particularly for the trim on the door and windscreen pillars, see photo of an example of the parts.

In the photo on this page you can see before and After examples of the trim that we are referring to, it is increasing common for Range Rover P38 models to be suffering with the coating falling off and looking very scruffy and dirty. Any attempt to clean the trim just results in the coating falling off. Although this problem is mostly in P38 Range Rovers we are seeing an increasing number of L322 Range Rovers now suffering with the same problem, it would seem that Land Rover didnt resolve the problem and it is clearly more of a problem as the coating ages, so it is likely to become an increasing problem for all of these vehicles as time goes on.

Range Rover L322 Metallic Grey/Silver coating Repairs.

Coated component repairs in Range Rover P38 and L322 models will be added soon, as owners of these vehicles will be aware the dark metallic silver coating on much of the door and centre console is prone to being damaged by even quite gentle knocks never mind kids feet! 

You can see the part on the door photo, its the dark silver part surrounding the door handle, with a similar section at the top of the door pocket

The most popular finish is black carbon fibre effect, with either a mat or high gloss finish. More Information soon.

Leather trim and Upholstery Repairs and Refurbishment

We are also offering cosmetic repairs to Range Rover Leather, from scratches and scuffs to general wear and tear, in addition to refurbishment we can also recolour the leather to hide all manner of faults in the finish. Again we will be updating this page over the coming weeks to provide more information and photos and examples of our work.

If you have any questions just ask, we would be delighted to help you.