DPF Removal Service

We are able to remove the DPF system from the Engine ECU on most makes and models.

Do not confuse this professional service with the inferior software-based systems offered by some companies, these software products such as ECUsafe and Volta only remove part of the DPF within the ECU software, This inferior service, which sometimes consists of just removing the error codes!  normally leads to  other problems with the vehicle, including having the potential to cause permanent and sometimes catastrophic engine damage. 

Although many makes and models of car are fitted with DPF's some cars seem to have more problems than others, Mazda 3, Mazda 5 and Mazda 6 models in particular seem to have over-fuelling problems that cause the DPF to block without warning,  This problem can be permanently resolved by physically removing the DPF Filter and removing the DPF in the ECU and remapping to provide a worthwhile increase in performance and economy.

We only remove the DPF manually, removing all traces of the DPF for a complete solution. As part of the process we can also remap the ECU to provide further increases in both power and torque that will also provide improved economy if driven normally - its tempting to drive taking full advantage of the increased performance. On some vehicles remapping is an essential part of the process as the real problem that causes the DPF to block is that the ECU is actually over-fuelling in critical parts of the maps.

This process is only part of the complete package, the DPF will need to either be physically removed and replaced with a section of suitable exhaust pipe or have the DPF "Filter" removed from inside the housing. We can either do this at the same time or you are free to do this yourself or have your local garage etc. do this work for you.

We can remove the DPF on all makes and models of vehicle up to the 2008 model years, from 2008 the DPF must be on the vehicle if it is to pass the MOT Test. On vehicles prior to 2008 the DPF does not have to be fitted to pass the MOT.

The cost of removing the DPF in the ECU is £275.00, the cost of removing the DPF and Remapping the ECU for increased performance/economy at the same time is £300.00

If you would like us to physically remove the DPF at the same time we would need to inspect the DPF on your particular car to determine the best way forward, manufacturers are constantly changing where they fit the DPF and its location affects the time taken to physically remove it. The average cost of physical removal of the DPF is about £70.00-£140.00, this can sometimes be more or less, but we can give an exact price once we see the car.

"1st Class Service - Removed my DPF and Remapped, no more warning lights and power increase is amazing! " ☆☆☆☆☆ Michael Stephens rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars